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ちょっと大きめどんぐり(開閉式)| ケヤキ×ウォルナット / A little larger wooden acorn (OPENABLE) | KEYAKI & Walnut

**ちょっと大きめ 木彫どんぐり(開閉式)ペンダント-ケヤキ×ウォルナット**


(*English follows Japanese)








実:ケヤキ 殻斗(カサ):ウォルナット

サイズ:h=40mm程度 w=15mm





・空洞サイズ:おおよそ直径5mm 深さ12mm 程度 



** A little larger wooden acorn (OPENABLE) Pendant -KEYAKI & Walnut **

Price: 11,880 Japanese Yen

This wooden acorn is a little larger than our other wooden acorns. It is openable as same as the one of our items - the aroma diffuser wooden acorn.

You can use it as an aroma diffuser, or it can be a tiny container, as we made a larger space in the acorn than the normal ones.



Material: Leather Strap (Black)

Length: 50 to 80cm (Adjustable with knots)


Body: KEYAKI; Cup of Acorn: Walnut

Size: Height=Abt. 40mm (1.57 in), Width=Abt. 15mm (0.59 in)

Oil finished

KEYAKI: Japanese Zelkova. A hardwood, quite popular wood for furniture or sculpture in Japan. It has a beautiful grain and when buffed, it takes a polish.


Screw the cup of the acorn to open. You might feel a little long screw then you expected. It is because we use only wood and leather for the screw, we made it a little longer.

You can put anything you like in the space inside the acorn.

The size of the space: Diameter: 5mm (0.19 inch), Depth: 12mm (.47 inch)

(The size of the space might different one by one, as we made it all by hands.)

You can use it as an aroma diffuser too.


We use the small torso for the shooting. Therefore it might seem larger than the actual size of the item. Please see the actual number written on the text for the size of the acorn.






[ Medical tag capsule ]

You can use it as a Medical tag capsule (SOS capsule) with attached instruction paper. Roll it, put in the straw and put them in the acorn.

For SOS use, write your name, emergency contact, medical history, the medicine you are taking, etc. on the card. The cross marked leather tag will let the people notice that it has emergency information. Please select from three colors: Red, Brown, Dark Brown.



Available at the pages below.


iichi (Japan olny): https://www.iichi.com/listing/item/1531757

minne (Japan olny): https://minne.com/items/16324417

Creema (Japan): https://www.creema.jp/item/6570487/detail

Creema (Other than Japan): https://tw.creema.net/item/6570487/detail

Pinkoi (Japan): https://jp.pinkoi.com/product/nHLB8wsm

Pinkoi (Other than Japan): https://en.pinkoi.com/product/nHLB8wsm

Etsy (Japan and other countries): https://www.etsy.com/jp/listing/665005003/chotto-dakime-mu-diodonguri-ki-bi


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